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bias/era: yuri/i got a boy3 for anon

Because Yultae and Kaibaek are everyone’s secret OTP♥


Girls’ Generation & EXO on plane  [EDITED]

Exoshidae on the airplane. Kai and yuri,so irresistible


best smile ever

snsd x kiss the radio

Sorry Sorry - Girls’ Generation

snsd - korean releases + mvs (inspired by x)

If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.
(via simply-lovily)

She’s a human too. You can’t judge anybody because of a rumor made by a stubborn fan. Calling her a bitch and telling her to die wouldn’t make you any better! It’s not like she was begging to be featured in your ‘oppa’s/unnie’s song’ 

Anyone can start a rumor. I can find a picture of someone when they were at school and say that they used to bully me, simple as that. It’s okay not to like her but it’s not okay to tell her to die and call her a bitch because nobody knows the truth! Please grow the fuck up and stop being such a jealous ashhole.